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Posted on 18 Jan 2016

IT was a hard decision to take, but Betty Klimenko said it was “purely business” that drove Erebus Motorsport’s V8 Supercars switch to Holden.

Erebus confirmed on Wednesday what had been the leading talk of the off-season rumour mill: that the sport’s sole Mercedes-aligned team was ditching the three-pointed star to race Commodores in 2016.

In an extensive post on her public Facebook page, the colourful V8 identity explained to her legion of fans the thinking behind the switch.

“It is purely a business decision, mixed in with a bit of uncertainty on which way the series is headed,” she wrote, pointing to the imminent arrival of V8 Supercars Gen2 regulations package next year.

“Like many of the comments from Erebus V8 (Facebook page) suggest, there is no need to put money into development when the parameters are not 100% clear."

“It was a shock to my system when I realised what I was about to do. I was about to give up the one thing that made me different on the track, the thing I loved.”

Klimenko brought her fleet of Mercedes with her when she arrived in V8 Supercars at the start of 2013 after buying out Stone Brothers Racing and merging it under the Erebus Motorsport banner.

Built in a short time frame, and at a time when the category had opened its arms to new manufacturers to join Holden and Ford, the three Erebus Mercedes struggled in their debut season.

Klimenko last year conceded, with hindsight, that she should have stuck with the team’s stock of Ford equipment initially to ensure the team remained competitive in a cutthroat series.

“This is not a series for the faint hearted, this is not a series for those who cannot take the knocks,” she wrote.

“This is a tough series, unlike any other in the world. You do not go into this series thinking you will change the world, you go into it with the hope that after 3 years, 2 wins, a third and a pole, you would have finished your probation, and are now a fully fledged member of the old boys club."

“3 yrs ago, I was a naive woman, who thought I knew everything. Well I have been humbled, and then some. I knew nothing."

“Now I am a bit harder, a bit more sceptical — still can’t spell — I look for what is going to happen next."

“I understand that not everyone is going to like me or be my friend, but that is all cool, it’s part of growing up, part of taking all this seriously, and not seeing it as a hobby.”

Erebus Motorsport’s Holdens will hit the track for the first time in competition for the opening round of the V8 Supercars season at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide in March.

Click here to read Betty Klimenko’s full Facebook post.

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