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Posted on 27 Jan 2016

For the second round of the D1NZ 2015/2016 season, it saw us travel to the sunny Mount Maunganui. We are still running the original TANEFA until the new car is ready which we don’t want to rush with its build as we want to do it right and make it a professional car.
Feedback from Round 1 with the release of the livery for the new season has been overwhelming with support coming from all four corners of the world.


Friday saw miserable weather hit the bay and the track was teterous, although some drivers weren’t fond of this Nico loved it, and he was looking forward to qualifying in the rain, but sadly it was postponed and moved to the Saturday.
Some solid runs were achieved on the Friday in the rain, with the track compared to an ice rink. The car was packed up as we didn’t push our luck with some serious damaged sustained to others whilst attempting the “concrete jungle” in the wet.
With qualifying being pushed back the Saturday, and the sun turned on it was an awesome summer day and there was no place we would rather be.
A few changes were made to the car with the weather conditions doing a 180. Few practice runs and we were into Qualifying. We bank two good runs placing us in 6th just below with Darren Kelly nipping us by half a point to make the top 5.

Top 32 - Nico had a bye for the Top 32 having Qualified 6th.  

Top 16 - This saw us Battle Joe Marshall from ATJ Drift, whom is in 2nd Year Pro. We always knew it was going to be a hard battle as the brothers are charging hard this season and will be ones to watch. Our cars can’t be compared with many different aspects being so different so the battle was always going to be a nail biter. Managing to pull a gap giving us the advantage saw us travel through and take the win from Joe.
Top 8 – Dave Steedman isn’t a stranger when it comes to battling the NRD machine, Manfield saw us against him also and we knew what he was capable of. In his own car this time, it was a tough one with a small correction saw Dave straight line giving us the advantage once again, in the second run a love tap had between cars showed we weren’t backing down without a fight which saw us advance once again.
Top 4 – Michael Prosenik, competing from Australia here for the D1NZ season was on form and charged through the ladder wanting that top spot, but we made it our mission to show that we weren’t backing down to an aussie. The battle was tough but the funnest one Nico has had in a long time. He was swiftly put in his place with us advancing through for the battle of the top spot.
Final Battle: Daynom Templeman, in a new BMW for this season and showing form throughout testing, Manfield and the weekend, to say the heart was racing would be lying. With Daynom putting two wheels over the race line giving us a 10-0 Advantage the fight was on and WE WON!!
The support that has been shown from Nico winning his first ever Pro-Championship Podium has been overwhelming and it still hasn’t quite sunk in, and with a full on weekend ahead come Anniversary weekend with Round 3 in Taupo and also the 4 & Rotary Nationals in Auckland the team is committed more than ever to seeing us on the top step more.
Huge thanks to our sponsors again as without them none of this is possible…

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