Jock Woodley Retirement Penrite Blog Post

Posted on 12 Feb 2016

It is time to retire from road-racing.

Much to the delight of some, and I would like to think, more a dissapointment to many others, I say a huge “farewell to you all”. It is time for me to step away, the right time for all the right reasons.

As I step away I so wish my lovely Daughter Vanessa well in her racing persuits. I will not always be right there at the tracks, but with you always in heart XX

I raise my cup and toast you all for the last 8 wonderful and exciting years of full on, flat out competition on the streets and on the circuits, road racing.

The two magnificent bikes, my 1992 RGV250 #626 and Steve Hyde’s 1993 RGV250 #26, what magic wee bikes. I have enjoyed learning about them and developing them to be competative in the local racing world. Also I must not forget the fun I had on the wee RG150 as well.

I started racing in 1978 racing a Yamaha RD400C. Since then I have raced and ridden a number of fantastic bikes, and, also the odd ‘pig’ too. How lucky I have been to race at the famous Bathurst Mt Panorama track, Winton, Oran Park and Calder Park in Australia. Pukekohe, Wanganui, Bay Park, Manfield, Lyall Bay, Hawkesbury, Ruapuna, Levels, Dunedin Festival, Teretonga, Greymouth and Port Nelson in New Zealand.

My cup is raised in a toast especially to the following;

Cath, Mike, Ness and Rob. You have all inspired me in your own way with so much love. Fantastic. Thank-you.

My Brothers and Sisters too, and especially Mum (R.I.P) you did so well with all of us and yes we deserved most of the whippings we got....most haha.

Sponsors; Richard Hay of PENRITE OILS NZ, Dave Gill of ELITE tyres and alignment, Anthony and Robyn of BASIS, Rob Johns formerly I.M.S., John Henderson of Hendersons Ltd, Derek Hebberd formerly Hebberd Freighting, Bazz Chandler of The Graphic Fishing Company, Bruce and Amy of Sign IMAGES,

Bruce Woodley (my hero) of POWER FLOW Motorcycle Engineering, Deet Schulz of RGV, (Bruce and Deet without doubt the best in the bussiness) Andrew Murray of Murrays Mufflers. Also to Andy and Jo White, Ross and Trish Jellyman, Dave King and Charley Lamb for your support.

There are so many clubs, committees, flag marshals, ambulance personnel, clerks of the course, stewards, scrutineers, grid marshals, riders reps and officials who work tirelessly to give us the opportunity to race. Thank-you.

I applaud that amazing club, Motorcycling Canterbury Inc. You guys rock and what an inspirational team who run the club. You have produced so many top class racers who have raced so well here and internationally. No doubt there will be many more! Formerly “The Canterbury Auto Cycle Union” I raced my first ever race with you at Ruapuna in 1978. What other club in NZ can boast 170 bikes at a Have A Go Day?? All of you are fantastic, I wish you good health, a happy life and great racing.

The Marlborough Motorcycle Club who have been supporting Marlborough motorcycle events for so long including that fantastic event, Hawkesbury. Marlborough has produced many great riders in many disciplines of motorcycle sport. I will continue to be a part of your Moto-x scene, thanks to all that have supported me in my change of discipline and especially Robert Honour who is my inspirational coach and reason for my crossing into the dirt scene.

Of late, to the Ulysses Club of Marlborough (NZ). I decided as I came of age that logically I should support Ulysses and I say thanks to all the locals in the club who have been of such great support to Vanessa and I with our racing.

Photographers, many need to be thanked for their tireless attempts to get that perfect shot to quiet the ever present critics. I say thanks to David Smit, Chris Hogan, Des Hunt, Andy White, Wayne Simkin, SPORTZFOTOZ (Paul and Jenni) and Dallas Alexander. There are many more who have supplied me with great shots. Thank you.

A big thanks to my collegues and workmates at Safe Air Ltd for the patience and support you have shown me, thanks for buying my shirts!

To the many people out there who looked after us in their homes, and came to watch at the tracks, especially the street-races, and showed me and my fellow racers support for our efforts.

To every person, who has put themselves onto a bike, on the track, at any circuit anywhere in the world, and plied the trade to their best. You are all champions in your own right. Many have prospered, many have not. Many have lost their lives in pursuit of their dream. But everyone who has ever had a crack at it, I salute you.

Lastly there are two people.....

Bazz Kerr my spannerman. R.I.P. And #26 Cam Jones. R.I.P. who inspired me big-time, you guys will never be forgotten.

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