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Posted on 01 Feb 2017

When topping up the power steering reservoir in your vehicle, are you using the correct fluid?

OEM manufacturers use a variety of different fluids for Power Steering Applications. The most conventional of these are Automatic Transmission Fluids such as Dexron® III. ATF fluids are type of hydraulic fluid and gear oil combined. Hence they tend to make good Power Steering Fluids although they are not suited to every type of system.

So, do you know what type of Power Steering Fluid your vehicle requires? If you own an EL to FG series Ford, did you know that there is an oil specification for these vehicles? If you own a Honda, did you know they also have a specialised product? Some cars use the same fluid for hydraulic suspension and power steering. Getting the right one for the right vehicle is extremely important to avoid expensive repairs or refurbishment.

Penrite have a range of Power Steering Fluids suited to many different makes and models of vehicle.

Power Steering Fluid:

HPSO (Honda Power Steering Oil):

PAS (Power Assisted Steering Fluid):



Click Here to see the video of the Penrite Power Steering Range

Which is the correct one for your vehicle? As guessing is a lottery, it’s always best to check the Penrite Product Guide on the web for the correct product for your vehicle. Alternatively, you could ring the Penrite Technical Assistance Helpline on 1300 736 748 or if your prefer the keyboard to the phone, there is always the Penrite On Line Chat available from 7.00AM till 5.30PM each weekday.

Further details on these products are available on their respective product information sheets found on the Penrite web site:
Penrite recommend “The Right Oil for the Right Application”
Click Here to visit the Penrite Recommendation Guide, which will ensure you receive the correct oil for your application

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