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Posted on 15 Feb 2017

Our first race meeting for 2017 was at Broadford for the first round of the Hartwell Club Championships. It was very mixed weather over the weekend getting up to almost 40 degrees on Friday and a low as 17 degrees on Sunday.

I was able to achieve a new PB on Saturday but had a crash on Sunday in the wet. I still was able to get full 100 points in the 125GP class and 80 points in the up to 250cc George Carrick class.

We arrived at Broadford Thursday night and got set up for the Friday practise the next day. Friday was the hottest day over the weekend. The first session out I felt a bit uncomfortable on the bike because I haven’t ridden at Broadford since last year. The second session I felt much better and faster. I was continuing to improve all day and get to grips with the track again. By the end of the day I felt really nice and smooth on the bike and was ready to go racing.

On Saturday first up was a five minute warm up. I was able to get five solid laps in to make sure the bike was running well. All was good and qualifying was up next. As the day went on it got hotter and up to 37 degrees.

I made sure I was the first one out on track so I had a clear track to put in some fast laps. I was in pole for most of the session until on last lap a 400 did the exact same time as me which was 1.03.234. Unfortunately he crashed half way through the session and caused a red flag so the session had to be stopped. I was only able to do four laps in and finished with the same time and was second on the grid. I was second because the 400 did more faster laps then me.

The 400 rider who was on pole had to go to hospital with a broken ankle and could not race.

I still had the start from second position for the rest of the weekend. In the first race I was able get a good start and get behind the Moto3 250. There was another 400 in front of me and I soon passed him into turn 3 and I was right with the Moto3. I was staying with him and catching up under brakes at every corner. I was right on the back of him for the whole race but was unable to make a move. I finished the race in second overall and second in the George Carrick. I was first in the 125GP class. 

In the second and last race for Saturday I got swamped by 400’s with four coming pass me into turn 1 and a TZ 250 coming pass me down the straight. I had the Moto3 in front of me down the straight but he got held up coming into turn3 and I went around the outside of him and the TZ250. I was behind the 400’s and coming into the second to last corner I went around the outside of two. I then had one more in front of and I got him into turn 1. I pulled a bit of a gap over the rest of the pack then the rear tyre started moving around a lot. The hot temperatures were making the tyre get really soft and loose grip. On the second to last lap on the last corner I had a big slide and ran wide and the Moto3 passed me. I stayed with him the last lap but was still unable to make a move. I finished in the same positions again with second in the George Carrick and first in the 125GP. And a new PB of 1.02.445.

Sunday it was raining and we had the wet bike setup for practise. There was another five minute practise in the morning, and because it was wet I went out to make sure the bike was all good and to get a feel for the track conditions. It had been so hot that all the oils had come out of the track and made it really slippery in the wet.

The first race did not go to plan. I got a bad start and got swamped by 400’s again. I passed most of them in turn 1 and got the last one down the back straight. I was closing on the Moto3 and then coming into the second to last corner as I let of the brakes the front lost grip and I went down. I did not get hurt and I just slip along the grass. Another rider crashed and the race got red flagged. Because I did not cause the red flag I was allowed out to race again. I went to the medical office and got checked off and allowed to go back on the track. Dad raced around trying to get the other bike ready that was set up for dry. We got that bike ready and fuelled up with fuel. Even though it was wet and the other bike had a dry set up I still raced and was very cautious. I finished third overall on slick tyres, second in George Carrick and first in 125GP.

The last race for the weekend was dry and was six laps. I went out to just finish and get the points for the weekend. I got a bad start and had two 400’s get in front of me. I was getting held up until lap three when I passed one around the outside of the last corner and then only had one to go. I passed him the next lap down the back straight. There was no need to push because it was the last race for the weekend. I finished once again second in the George Carrick and first in the 125GP.

I finished the weekend first in the 125GP class and second in the George Carrick. I dropped my PB by half a second and it would not be possible without dad who prepares the bikes before the weekend and keeps the bikes running. My rider coach Terry Armstrong and my painter Richard Wills were a big help with getting the bike fixed after the crash and helping to warm the bikes up. I would not be racing without the help of my sponsors:

Penrite Oil
Ron Angel Classic Racing
Nolan Helmets
Trident tyre centre  
Dekker Motor Body Builder
Coachman Motel Phillip Island
Auldana Foundations
Australian Technical Rubber
Fly’s Moving Colour
JDS Moto
Campbell classic motorcycles
Dave Atkinson
K&S Fuels
Tel Signs
Mid-West Trader
Axle Armour
South East Welding Services
Ginos Pizza and Pasta bar
Murrays Brit Bikes

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