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Posted on 15 Mar 2017

The second round of the 2017 Hartwell Championships was held at Mac Park on the 11th and 12th of March. Mac Park was my home track and I knew that I would get good results. I was racing the Honda RS125 because I started Hartwell on the 125.

It was a mixed weekend with rain all day and night on Saturday and Sunday being dry all day round.

Friday was the usual practise day before the race weekend. The last time I raced Hartwell at Broadford it was wet one of the days and I crashed a bike in the wet. So we took that bike I crashed last out first to make sure everything was running fine. The bike was running perfect and felt good after fixing up the crash damage. We sat that bike aside for the rest of the day and concentrated on the good bike for the rest of the practise day.

When I went out first time on the good bike I didn’t feel too comfortable on the bike and it was making it difficult to do good lap times. I went out for the second time expecting to feel better but I still felt uncomfortable on the bike for some reason. After lunch I felt a lot better on the bike and had full confidence back. I continued to do one more session skipping the last session as I did not need any more practise and wear myself out.

On Saturday it was dry for the five minute practise so I went out in the dry before it rained and had a warm up.

It rained for qualifying wetting the track enough to have to use wets. I had lost a lot of confidence in wet conditions since I crashed at the last round of Hartwell. I was able to qualify third on the grid putting me on the front row and two seconds behind the leader.

The first race was wet and I got a bad start falling back to fifth into turn 1. I was able to get straight pass one 400 on the first lap. I passed the second around the outside of turn 1 moving into third overall. I pulled a gap overt the 400’s but could not catch the leaders. I finished third overall, second in the 125 class and third in the George Carrick.

I got an even worse start falling back to sixth on the first lap and my bike’s temperature dropping down real low. I tried to get pass the 400’s but I was just getting really wet and they are not in my class anyway. It was raining in this race and I was getting quite wet and my bike was running really cold. I backed off and let the 400’s go and finished sixth overall but still second in the 125 class and third in the George Carrick.


Sunday was much better it was set to rain but we got all of our racing done before it rained. There was a lot of crashes and instead of have one four lap and one six lap race they were both four laps.

In the first race I got a good start and staying in third but a 400 got the hole shot and the Moto3 passed him around turn 1 and I went pass coming out of turn 1 and going into turn 2.  I was right behind the Moto3 for the whole race until the last lap when I passed him and took the lead. There was three corners left and I could hear him right behind me but I was able to keep him behind me and win the race by 0.2 of a second. Winning the George Carrick and 125 classes

The last race for the day was the best race for the weekend for me. I got a good start and my front wheel came off the ground as I let the clutch out. I was third into turn 1 and was right behind the Moto3 and 125. With the Moto3 moving into the lead into turn 3 it was the three of us neck and neck all race. On the first lap I was right next to the other 125 down the straight but was on the outside coming into the corner but ran out of track. I couldn’t make the move and stayed in third. On the last lap after getting a really good run onto the straight and using the slipstream of the two other bikes to my advantage I was able to move into second coming off the straight. I was thinking about passing the Moto3 the corner after but I was not close enough to do so. I finished second in the George Carrick and first in the 125 class.

Overall the weekend turned out to be a successful weekend after a not so successful day on Saturday. I came home with winning the 125GP class and second in the George Carrick up to 250 class. A thank you to our painter who makes our bikes look how they do Richard Wills for coming over to watch and help out on Saturday. A massive thanks to my dad for always checking over my bikes and fixing all the problems that occur.

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