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Posted on 22 Mar 2017

The question of what to use in Rolls Royce suspension and brake systems that require the old Rolls Royce 363 fluid comes up from time to time.

The product is satisfied by good quality DOT 3 Brake Fluids or a Super DOT 4 products such as – Penrite Dot 3 Brake Fluid or Penrite Brake Fluid Super Dot 4.

Both are quite suitable products.

However, some vehicles do have the occasional problem with lubricity, with the result being a “knocking” in the system. UK suppliers have recommended the use of about 2% of pure Castor Oil mixed in with the brake fluid as an alternative for these vehicles. 
Note: Do not use synthetic castor blends such as our 10 Tenths Synthetic Race Castor Oil.

The percentages can vary between vehicles hence the 2% figure is a purely a guideline where this problem exists.

RR363 was used on vehicles manufactured between 1965 and 1979, mainly on the Silver Shadow series.

Mineral Brake Fluid

Note that there are some special numbered Rolls Royce cars require mineral oil and not brake fluid. Mineral oil and brake fluids do not mix. You can find out if your car needs mineral oil by having the serial number checked by a qualified facility or by looking at the serial number. 50,000-chassis + cars and all 17-digit-numbered cars should be checked prior to determining the correct fluids. These were produced from 1979 onwards. The vehicles have clearly marked reservoirs that specify either RR363 or HSMO fluid.

The vehicles that require the mineral suspension fluid use a hydraulic pump to drive components such as the brake actuation and suspension levelling system.

These systems require a special mineral fluid such as Penrite LHM Plus fluid. This fluid should not be mixed with normal DOT 3, DOT 4, Super DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 fluids or Dot 5 silicone fluids.

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Further details on these products are available on their respective product information sheets found on the Penrite web site:

Penrite recommend “The Right Oil for the Right Application”

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