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Ken Bedggood: Penrite Racing Team

I joined Penrite in 1991 to work with Mark and John Dymond restoring their private classic car and motorcycle collection that had been built up over the many years.

John had a keen eye for classic cars and knew a good car when he saw it. The collection can be traced back to John’s early adulthood days in England where he would visit Formula 1 and Hill Climbing circuits in the 1950’s including Silverstone, Brands Hatch and Shelsley Walsh. Shelsley Walsh is the world’s oldest operational motorsport venue and John even named one of his classic oils - Shelsley after the famous venue. He loved motorsport and going on weekends to see famous drivers like Sir Jack Brabham and Sterling Moss; watching engineers and mechanics working on race and sports cars including Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lola, Lotus, AC, MG, Frazer Nash, Triumph, Bentley, Aston Martin and many more.

John, as a Mechanical Engineer, designed gearboxes and engines for Vauxhall, hence his passion for Vauxhall. When he moved to Australia with Margaret, he fell in love with the race and hill climbing circuits in Australia and New Zealand including Philip Island, Rob Roy and Teretonga. He had great respect for the Australian designed and manufactured Cheetah and Elfin Sports and Racing cars, so he had to have a few of those in the collection.



John was very well respected within the classic and automotive scene. He believed race and sports cars should be enjoyed and used as they were intended to be designed. There are over 10 original race cars in the collection that are used in classic racing events throughout Australia under Team Penrite including a 1960 MK1 Lola Sports 1220cc, 1966 BT16 Brabham 1600cc, 1970 Elfin 600 Repco Brabham V8 2500cc, 1983 MK 8 Cheetah Formula Atlantic 1600cc and an Elfin Sports Clubman. There is also a collection of original classic motorcycles and cars for touring including a 1914 FN Single Cylinder, 1970 Petty Manx 500cc Norton, 1951 500cc BSA, 1922 Vauxhall 30/98 4500cc, 1938 BMW 328 Sports 2000cc, 1959 Aston Martin DB4 Coupe 4200cc and 1963 AC Ace Ruddspeed Sports 2600cc.

The AC (Auto Carriers) Ace is a favourite amongst the collection and is one of only 37 ever built. Designed with a 2.6L Ford Zephyr engine and tuned by AC works driver Ken Rudd, it is the rarest of the three different engines fitted for the AC Ace. It is often referred to as a crossover car between the original AC Ace and the Shelby Cobra that was designed to compete with the Chevrolet Corvette.

Our passion for classic cars and motorcycles is one of the major reasons why we still continue to develop and produce the most extensive range of engine oils and speciality products for classic applications. These oils are often referred to as classic oils but we made these oils when these cars were modern.

I am very proud to continue the legacy created by Mark and John Dymond and working with the extended Dymond family racing, restoring and expanding the current product range and vehicle collection for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.




1938 BMW 328 SPORTS


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