Environmental Commitment Reducing Environmental Impact

Penrite Oil Co Pty Ltd is committed to conduct its world-wide business in a manner that is environmentally responsible. Penrite's ultimate aspiration is to minimise the environmental impact of its manufacturing and sales and distribution operations.

Penrite strives to minimise this environmental impact by reducing emissions and developing safe and sustainable, production, storage and distribution methodologies.

The key parts of this environmental commitment and as a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant include:

  • using recyclable packaging
  • recycling product packaging
  • compliance with environmental laws, regulations and licences
  • ensure environmentally responsible behaviour is practiced within Penrite
  • minimise waste and conserve resources
  • explore opportunities for waste recycling and recovery


Penrite will focus on the reduction, reuse and recycle of packaging used in its supply chain as a signatory under the Australian Packaging Covenant. Penrite is currently faced with two major sources of packaging in its supply chain.

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